A’kin Hand Cream..

I have been using the A’kin hand, nail and cuticle creme for a while now. I really like it, though when I ordered it I thought it was for dry skin but it turns out that it’s for all skin types. This hasn’t made a difference however, the cream is very thick as you would expect it to have been if it were for dry skin and it is really moisturising. I have put my Hemp cream to one side while I use A’kin, actually the Hemp cream is by the side of my bed because I am too lazy at night to stumble around my room to find hand cream.
It can be hard to try out new creams when you know the ones you have work well, but it is something I think should be done. I often tell you how I believe it is good to alternate your creams and products because otherwise your skin can get used to them. A little of this A’kin cream goes a very long way, so I think that the tube is likely to last for quite some time.

When i first started using the A’kin hand cream I thought it would be too scented for me, but because it is all very natural it has caused my skin no harm. It smells lovely and contains lavender, geranium and jojoba which leaves a lovely smell to your hands. 
Have you used any of the A’kin products before ?

Price: £11.99 – I think that if you can afford to spend a little extra on hand cream then the price of this is really worth it. You will be able to look after your hands over winter with a thick cream without being disappointed. If you don’t fancy spending that much then I suggest going for Body Shop Hemp or ASDA dry skin cream.  I know that A’kin is a little more than I would normally want to spend on a hand cream, though having used it I am thinking that it is something I am very likely to consider. You have to keep your hands looking their best and I have lots of problems with my hands so I do try to work hard at looking after them. Everything from Mypure is always free of nasty chemicals so you can be sure that there wont be anything evil in it.

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