Colour Inspiration

Here is some colour inspiration from some photos I took in September. I think yellow and green are  such happy and warm colours, not only do they give you a feeling of summer but they also change to a lovely deep shade during the autumn. I like the different shades of yellow and green and how they change through the seasons, I find they are the two colours (along with red and navy) which are always knocking about within my clothes. I am wearing darker shades of yellow and green at the moment, but I would like to embrace some very bright shades within my autumn wardrobe. I really like autumn, I enjoy  layers, deep and dark colours and keeping extra warm with a coffee to warm your hands. We don’t need to forget about summer though, even though it’s gone we can still enjoy the shades that went with it. Add a little summer into your outfits by wearing a bright fruity skirt or jumper and then team it up with the traditional autumnal shades of brown and deep reds
Today was a little warmer and a little less wet than the rest of the week, I didn’t even need to wear my coat, I must add that I was wearing a lovely warm jumper so I was still toasty and warm. I have so much to do this weekend but I am making sure that the blog is fully active and I hope you enjoy the posts I have ready for you all. 

What do you have planned for the weekend !?
Do you try to keep some summer shades within your outfits in the autumn?!