Homemade Pizza

Making the base :

Tonight my dad made pizza, he made it all fresh and it was very yummy. I need to help him make the dough next time so that I can learn and make it for my friends. My pizza had much less cheese than the other pizzas and only one kind (mozzarella) and I can honestly say I didn’t miss having lots of cheese on the pizza and my skin is very happy I didn’t ruin it by eating too much cheese. More healthy that way and it meant I got extra olives too. I had a tiny glass of wine with mine and have spent the rest of the evening sorting out internet related things, email, blogs and much more. I still have things I need to get done but all I want to do is jump into bed to finish my book and hopefully fall asleep.

Do you every make your own pizza at home ? It’s something I have always enjoyed doing ( mainly watching ) because it’s much more healthy and gives you lots of freedom to put anything you want onto the pizza.

I hope you are all well and had a lovely Thursday, what did you do today ?!