Finding confidence..

I like to hide behind the lens, but I am trying to embrace the camera more often and step in front of the lens and capture a moment of myself. I am enjoying doing my ‘What I wore‘ posts and sharing my outfits with you, I think it will be quite a nice visual diary for myself to look back on. I have lots more outfits of the day/what I wore posts coming up and I just hope you enjoy them too.

I also wanted to mention that if you are like me and are a little camera shy or scared of what you look like then you should make a really big effort to embrace the camera. Take life head on and embrace all the opportunities it offers you, you never know what you may find a new love for, a new interest or even you may end up enjoying having a photo taken. I was quite annoyed a while back because from my past few holidays there was only a handful of photos of me, it’s nice to have photos of yourself to enjoy and remember the fun you had. So on my next holiday I am hoping there will be a few more photos of me. Don’t spend a year or so like I did hiding from the camera, jump infront of it and enjoy your life. Do it little by little and just peep round the lens or jump into the deep end and do a photo shoot with friends and share photos on your blog. Life is meant to be fun and we have the opportunity to document our lives via photos, film and writing… so go have fun and find your confidence. 

Enjoy Thursday ! 

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