A fox in Lavenham ..


At the weekend I went to Cambridge and Lavenham, two very lovely places and I of course have many more photos to show you within in posts this week. This was someones door knocker in Lavenham, there were many more pretty houses in this tiny town, interesting door knockers, small shops, friendly cats and happy people.
You may remember me posting about Hannah Zakari the other day, I shared a lovely fox face brooch from her lovely shop. As soon as I spotted this door knocker It reminded me of the brooch and my fox scarf . I want to see if I can find some more lovely fox designs to add to my accessories or outfits, I think they make quite the statement to a simple outfit. I am actually craving other animal based prints at the moment. There are so many pheasants about where I live, I would like a pheasant print scarf,
has anyone seen one?!