Let your nails sparkle this winter

Morph suggested I show you the two new beauty products I picked up from the chemist. I am meant to be holding back on the spending as I am going away in December but both of these…maybe one of these is something I really needed. I got into the car when my dad picked me up after my busy day, I hadn’t touched up my make up because I am just too lazy and I was quite sad to see how washed out I looked. I as soon as I glanced into the mirror I new I needed to be wearing more make up and also purchase concealer. So after a quick stop at home to chuck on my fruit coloured outfit I waddled to town to go to the post office and chemist for a new concealer. 

There wasn’t much choice as they only had Rimmel and NYC, I decided on the Stay Matte Rimmel Dual Action Concealer… what it exactly will do I am unsure but it has a green bit in the middle which I hope with help with covering the dark circles under my eyes. I have been told a few products which are good to use and I am sure I will try those out at some point, but for now this one will do. I am actually looking forward to trying it out in the morning. I think it was just under £6.00, I didn’t make note I am sorry. Has anyone else used it ?! 


There was a Rimmel nail varnish which was exactly the same as Lights-Camera-Glitter by NYC, I spotted the NYC just before I was about to pay and decided I would get this one and not the Rimmel one. It was 50p cheaper so I thought well why not try out this make, I have heard some good things about it and I don’t mind trying new brands. This was just under £2.00, I am going to try it out tonight. I am really into painting my nails a dark colour and then popping some glitter on top to soften it up a little.
What do you think of NYC products ? Have you used them before ?


I I Hope you all had a lovely day !