Don’t be scared of wearing earmuffs this winter !

Some of you tell me that hats don’t suit you, I do believe that there will be a hat out there that does suit you. Even if there is a mystery hat that suits you this doesn’t mean that you are going to feel comfortable wearing it….So how else can you keep your little heard warm over winter ?

I think you should try earmuffs, I have some friends who would also argue that these look childish and silly, I disagree. If looking childish is a worry to you then avoid the cute ones with animal faces on and you wont look like a little girl about to dash off to school. Stick to something classic, I think that black, grey, navy or brown ear muffs are a good way to go. I wouldn’t rule out anything with stripes or polka dots on either, I think that stripes and polka dots are fun for the winter season and will add some colour to your outfit, there are lots of them knocking about at the moment – I really want these stripe ones from Accessorize.
Keep your coat, jacket, cape or whatever you are wearing a different colour to your earmuffs, you don’t want to over do it with the same colour. With a black coat you could have a lovely pair of cream or white ear muffs to soften up your look a little. 
You all know how much I love to wear a hat, it adds a fab twist to your outfit and can really pull a look together. I have plenty of hats but over the past few days this cold weather in the UK has been making be reach for my earmuffs and this is what reminded me that some people are anti earmuffs. The thing with some of my hats is that they don’t keep my ears warm and I am someone who has sensitive ears, maybe due to blasting them with my iPod most days but I do try to look after them when winter comes around especially when it’s windy. I have been opting for earmuffs because the wind was really making my face and ears cold, though the rest of my body and my head wasn’t too cold. Once it gets colder or more windy I may pop a hat on top of the ear warmers for a little bit of added warmth. 
The earmuffs in the photos are from Yumi in House of Fraser – last year. I had been looking for a grey pair to go with all my outfits, simple yet warm and a classic colour. I spotted these ones by chance on a stand in Yumi and didn’t think twice about getting them, they have lasted me the whole of last winter and I am already making good use of them this year. They were about £9.99 and Yumi actually have some similar styles in stock this year and for the same price. 
On days when it’s less windy I will be wearing one of my many favourite hats. 
So there you have it, my story of why you shouldn’t be scared of earmuffs, how to wear them and a little about why I use them on a windy day. I hope you enjoy and maybe even someone will go and try out a pair of ear muffs without feeling childish.

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