Benefit: Some kinda gorgeous

Some products need to last longer.
I purchased this around october last year or maybe November. I loved it dearly but it only lasted about a month and I am not someone who wears lots of make up so one month for a foundation seems crazy. I did use this everyday though, it was so light and silky and really made my skin feel good. It’s a light foundation which seemed to have a powder finish. I really want to buy it again, what stopped me buying it after it ran out last year was how damn quickly it finished !! Is a month really how long foundation is meant to last ? All the others I have used have lasted for much longer. I am tempted however to get this again and see how it goes, then I think I would be silly to do that because this one only lasted me a month…a month ! I think it cost about £22.00 but it was perfect for my skin type in this cold weather. 
Have you used this before ? Should I give it another try ?