What I chucked into my bag the other day

This is what I chucked into my bag the other day, I also had my camera with me but that goes into a separate bag. I change the bag I use quite often and usually empty it each more so I can try to just have what I need for that day.
 For some reason I put my cards into this sequin purse the other day when I just needed to take out my bank card, they have stayed there since and it’s something I need to sort out because it doesn’t close. I have my Moleskine  which I keep with me most of the time so I can pop quotes and handy bits of info in. I have my Puka pad notebook which is for all my to do lists and thoughts to go into, have you noticed I forgot to pop a pen into my bag this day ! Luckily I was out with my grandma and she always has a pen in her bag. I usually keep my ipod in my bag incase of emergencies, I really need to update it actually. How often do you update your ipod ?

I alternate my blusher between Bourjois – 33 and my favourite Living Nature blusher, this week I have been using the Bourjois blusher because I wanted more of a shimmer. You can also see my Inka Kabuki brush, it is more for using with mineral make up but as I don’t have a blusher brush I have been alternating what I use it for. Finally my go to hand cream at the moment in the A’kin hand nail and cuticle creme. This is a really thick cream and is standing well in this cold weather we have suddenly got in the UK.
I nearly forgot to mention my Sharpie, you should be able to spot a mini Sharpie attached to my purse. I never go anywhere without a Sharpie, they are just so handy. 
That was a bit of a long post about what’s knocking about in my bag, sorry about that. I am going to go for a walk today, the rain seems to have stopped so I may pull my wellies on and waddle down to the beach. I am also thinking of doing a second vlog today. 

What are you doing today ?