What I wore: A mustard blouse

Prettygreentea rings
Cross ring
prettygreentea socks

prettygreentea shoes1
prettygreentea newlookshirt
prettygreentea shirt

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Cross ring : Ebay , Purple stone ring, socks, tights: Primark, Badge: Louisetaylor (a gift from my sister last year), Booties and jumper: Topshop, Blouse: New Look, Handbag: Next  Skirt: H&M!

Hello everyone, this is my outfit of yesterday. I went to a local town and almost everywhere was shut…because it was Thursday. Since when did Thursday mean to close or open half day ?! It was a lovely town anyway and I did lots of walking and found a shop which sells lots of tea and beautiful organic food. I did want to go to Bluebird Vintage but it was closed, I shall hopefully go next week.

I am really into shirts/blouses at the moment, I like to add a bade onto the ones I have and have also spent some time customising some of my older shirts. I shall show you the ones I have modified within an outfit post. A simple badge added to the end of a collar is a good way to change the way the shirt looks, do any of you customise your clothes ?!

I am really into mustard at the moment… the colours not the sause. This shirt form New Look was a must have when I spotted it the other week. I seem to have made quite a collection of mustard coloured clothes over the past few weeks and the shade seems to be just right for autumn.

Do you keep colour in outfits over winter or do you stick to black ? I only ask because it’s what I used to do, I feel fab now that I embrace colour in my outfits more and more.