What I wore : Bright blue

Dress bag and shoes : Topshop, Hat : H&M, Bracelet : Primark, Tights: Accessorize… I forget where those sunglasses are form but I shall let you know.
On this lovely sunny day last month I decided to wear stupidly thick black tights. Why ? “Black tights are slimming init and the thicker the better and this way people wont be able to see my legs” Wrong mate. I thought nothing more of it and put my black tights on and my black shoes – this my friends is a mistake I will not be making again because there needs to be a break in the colour. Though I was spending the next few hours doing lots of walking on the scarecrow trail… that’s my excuse.

The way I am standing in these photos is awfully awkward and makes me look an extra bit chubby but I wanted to show you this outfit because I adore the colours (except the black tights) in it. I also wanted to mention to anyone (because I know others think this) that super black tights are not the way to go about making yourself look slimmer especially if you are a shorty like me. Be colourful and also try grey and navy as an alternative because they are less harsh than black. In the middle of winter you can pull those black tights out but not all year round and not every damn day like I was doing. 

I have got back into running and working out, it’s something I love (mostly) doing and makes me feel much better about my self and more positive towards my work. I also find that if you have been for a run in the morning you are going to feel more satisfied with yourself and tend to have a more positive outlook on things during the day.
I finally start talking about the rest of the outfit:
I really like this outfit, it’s one of my favourites and I am really loving blue shades at the moment. You can see the bracelet in more detail here. This dress will be sticking around in my winter wardrobe because I can layer it up with jumpers, if you would like to see a post about how I will wear this for winter then let me know. They have a pink one in Topshop at the moment, I don’t usually go for pink clothes but I am very tempted to go and buy the pink version of this dress. Has anyone seen it ? 

I have my outfit post from yesterday coming up later, if people are interested I shall start doing outfit posts more often… what do you think ? 

Have you ever fallen into the trap of wearing black tights all the time ?