Books, magazines and xbox games..

Tonight I will be reading and dipping in and out of some magazines. I actually have a big pile of magazines by my bed from September which I haven’t had chance to read. I have so many things to plan for and work on that reading magazines had has to take a rest. I didn’t buy any in October though my subscription came in the post and I only just purchased Wired magazine yesterday because there are some things I really want to read in it. I am glad I didn’t spend on magazines during October, I would just have had too many to catch up on and sometimes it just can’t be done.

I am reading Paul Theroux’s Riding The Iron Rooster, Pip got this one for me a few years back. With moving back and forth from uni it stayed in one of my boxes of books I hadn’t read. I am always buying books so this box kept growing and I continued to always have a book at hand to read. I have just finished reading a business based book (which I shall review for you this weekend) but I realised I needed something less serious, I needed an escape and I knew that one of Theroux’s books was just what I was in the mood to read. I have got a few Theroux books over the past year but I decided to start with Riding The Iron Rooster because it has been waiting very patiently for me. I am already sucked right into it, I love the way Theroux writes, he makes you feel as though you are on the train watching that man in the padded jacket smoking and sipping whiskey. It really is a travel book you can get lost in and imagine you are spending the evening jumping on and off trains and taking in all the crazy and wonderful people around you. 
Have you read any of Paul Theroux’s books ? 
What magazines are you reading at the moment ? : I still need to get my teeth into Pop, Dazed and Confused, Elle and the ones you can see in the photograph.

Before all this reading I will be on my Xbox, just playing on a game called Bully at the moment.