Living Nature Lip Balm..

I think you all know by now how much I love Living Nature. Something else you may have noticed about me is that I always carry lip balm in my bag. I use Carmex, The Body Shop Aloe Vera Lip Treatment, Blistex and any other ones I try out and fall in love with. I go through phases of using different ones and feel that sometimes I get too used to them and they end up doing nothing. I tend to use Carmex or the Aloe Vera one from Body Shop in the middle of winter, though there is a new contender in my winter lip balm line up and that is the Living Nature lip balm.


The Living Nature lip balm has a gel texture just like Carmex, it does come out a little fast like all the gel based ones do, so be careful. This lip balm smells of lemon mousse chocolates like the ones you can get in Thorntons. My mum found it too sweet but I really like it. What attracted me to the Living Nature lip balm is that it contains Manuka Honey, I have used a variety of products with Manuka in and find it has really good healing properties. I also eat Manuka Honey or mix it up with hot water and lemon when I feel a cold coming on, I believe it can really help you in whatever form you are using it in.

Price: £7.99 – This is 10ml which is much more than the ones you get in Boots or Superdrug. I think it’s about the same size as the Aloe Vera one from Body Shop which lasted me a very long time, I have had this one just over a month now and it still feels as though it is full. I think that £7.99 is ok for this product because you can spend about £3.00 on a smaller sizer of Carmex or Blistex (depending on where you buy it from).

Do you buy products which have Manuka honey in ? 
Have you ever used any Living Nature products ?