My day : Walking on Saturday 6th November

On Saturday I went for two walks, the morning was warm but I still needed my coat and then in the afternoon it was slightly cooler and there was a little rain falling from the sky. My feet got wet in the afternoon, my poor Converse do me well all year except for when it rains. I had two very long and enjoyable walks with my camera, I took lots of photos and will be sharing some of them on the blog over the next few days.

I am sharing with you lots of colourful flowers I spotted on my walk in this post, the lighting from the sky was quite blue and all of the flowers I took photographs of looked lovely against the light. I love how much colour there is around at the moment, the shades of the flowers really make you feel warm and cosy when they catch your eye as you walk past them.

I always take inspiration from my surroundings and my walk on Saturday really made me crave the colour red. I have some red tights I am starting to introduce into my outfits again.. as long as I don’t match them up with green (it’s not the run up to Christmas just yet) I think it will add a fantastic pop of colour to my outfits. I am going to hold out on wearing my red jumpers till the end of November…maybe. 



I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I have really enjoyed walking on the beach in the cold, drinking coffee on the pier, sitting by the fire reading magazines, playing on my Xbox and writing lists for the week ahead.

What did you do this weekend?