London Christmas Blogger Meet Up..

The very lovely Emma and Laura put lots of hard work and organisation into the London Christmas Blogger Meet Up. There were some great guest speakers (who were very inspiring), sponsors (who really spoilt us) and of course many bloggers to chat and get to know ! I have been to the Aussie events before but never a blogger meet up. I am so glad I went, I met some lovely people, found out about many new blogs and came away with lots of inspiration. I hope to go to more blogger meet ups, have any of you been to one before ?

I wore my pink Topshop dress, Topshop brogues and Urban Outfitters bowler hat. I think there are some photographs of me knocking about but I decided to hide, must stop doing that. You can see me in one of the photographs over at SusuanaLoves You, I am right at the back, you can see a head with a bowler hat just peeping between other people…that’s me.


I spent ages walking up and down the road feeling quite nervous, then after a few tweets I met the lovely Christie and we headed to The Warwick. As other bloggers arrived and the talks began I knew I had done the right thing coming to the event. Although I felt nervous about meeting lots of new people I soon became quite comfortable in the company of so many with similar interests to me. I haven’t always known people with the same interests around me in my life but since I started blogging that has changed. If you feel the same then I do recommend you get yourself along to some blogger events and meet ups, it will do you the world of good.


Sipping on cocktails and chatting to Puja, Christie , Susuana, Helen, Amy and Faye was wonderful. I met many other bloggers too and have had lots of new blogs to check out this week which has been fun. I think my Bloglovin account will start to get angry soon, I follow too many people.


Sarah from Lush came along to the event to talk to us about the new range of Christmas goodies at Lush, I learnt so much about the company and about the delightful new Christmas products. I was also pointed in the right direction of products which would benefit my sensitive skin (Dream Cream) and also advised to avoid the more fragranced products, which is a shame. I have always visited the Lush shops, I have purchased the odd bath bomb here and there and also head to Lush for birthday and Christmas gifts for friends. I have never personally used the bath bombs I have treated myself to, they sit near my bath just looking pretty. I am more of a shower person but the idea of a bath and a bath bomb always seems quite pleasing. The one product I have used before is the Glitter Bug, I actually may have to get myself another one when I am in Manchester next week, they really don’t cause any irritation to my skin, though I avoid putting on any areas of eczema or on my chest as I can sometimes become sensitive to products on those areas. I am rambling, but I thought as I often talk about products that are good/bad for sensitive skin I should mention a few little points of interest regarding Lush.

Looking at Lush as a company is very interesting, their values and work ethic are very unique. You must watch the beautiful video on their website to find out more.


Everything Lush makes (in their factory in Dorset) smell beautiful. Dirty Springwater Shower Gel is unlikely to be good for those with sensitive skin or eczema, If you are a little naughty like me and can’t help but want to try it out then test it on your legs. I can use some shower gels and other products on my arms and legs and it wont cause irritation but if it’s on my chest, face or hands then that’s when it can cause problems. Just be careful, if you are lucky and don’t have sensitive skin then I am sure if you pop into your local Lush store you will want to try this out, it smells delightful.

Creme Anglaise has some very interesting ingredients in, I don’t actually have the information on what’s in it to hand but here is a link straight to the website.

Cosmetic Lad was very popular with the bloggers, it smelt really good, I can’t tell you too much about this product because I didn’t try it out. I thought it may be a little strong for my skin, but I would check it out in the shops if you have sensitive skin and maybe try a sample before purchasing. Sarah said that many women as well as men buy this product, so don’t be put off because it’s for men.

Ultrabalm is meant to be fab for dry skin, this is something I want to invest in soon. It can really be used for anything, you just need to read the comments on the Lush website to see this. It seems people use it not only on dry skin but to also to remove makeup.


You will see all the goodies I got from Lush in separate blog posts soon, it’s all very exciting and new to me, I want to make sure I give each item a review.


It was very inspiring to hear Anne from Maggie Angus and Faye from Wired Jewellery talk about setting up their own businesses, how they went about it, how they put together their stock and how they approach magazines. Their websites are lovely and they really have some lovely things in stock at the moment. My favourite item from Maggie Angus is this Stag’s Head necklace and my favourite item from Wired Jewellery is the Ice Cream necklace. Faye and Anne sent us away with some lovely items from their websites, you will see these very soon…I wanted to be able to give them their own posts so that they didn’t get lost within this long post (sorry if this post is too long) .

I am always interested in hearing about people who have set up their own businesses. My dad is successfully self employed and other people around me also, so I am a big fan. I enjoy listening to success stories and also hearing about things to avoid and other business based talk. I think you all know I am a bit of a business geek anyway, nothing to be ashamed of.




Here are some very odd fish eye shots I took in low light


Very sent along some pretty boxes containing lip gloss and nail polish. This time last year I got a few items from the Fearne Cotton collection and was very happy with them. I have just had a quick look at this seasons collection and have fallen in love with the Checked Tartan Cape Coat .




We were treated with many goodies from Lush, Very, Bang on Vintage Maggie Angus and Wired Jewellery, thank you so much ! I will be blogging more about everything I was lucky enough to be given by the sponsors. I just want to say another big thank you to Emma and Laura for organising the event.

Have you been to a blogger event or meet up ?