Review: Garnier Make-up Remover

This is the Garnier 2 in 1 Make-up remover, it’s fab for sensitive skin and doesn’t cause my skin any irritation or dryness. It gives my skin lots of moisture and makes my skin feel very soft after using it. I am able to remove all my make-up with it and find that mascara comes off very easily. When I tone my face later on in the evening there isn’t any trace of make-up which is very pleasing. 
This was on offer in Superdrug and my mum, sister and I all got a bottle. My mum has sensitive and dry skin like me, she has been using it for over a month now and is really pleased with it, my sister has oily skin and is also happy with the results. I really couldn’t believe how soft and silky it made my skin feel, I am very pleased with this low price make-up remover and I will be purchasing it again as it is a pleasure to use. 
The only downside to this product is that it comes out of the bottle very quickly, so you need to make sure you are careful when using it. 
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