My Day: Coffee Shops in Manchester

Hello everyone ! 
I arrived in Manchester yesterday afternoon and went straight to Java for a meeting and coffee. Java is right by Oxford road station, they serve very good coffee and a wide selection of herbal teas. I then dashed back to my friends house to leave my very heavy suitcase and backpack and then went straight back on the bus to the city centre. I meet up with D,D,K and Vicky to go for a meal, the place we wanted to go to didn’t have their offer on and as two of us don’t have full time jobs we had to find somewhere that was a little cheaper. I had a lovely evening, good food, good company and free ice cream.
I then went back to my friends place and we played Xbox games ( Rainbow 6, if you would like to know) till the early morning. I woke up today with a cold ten times worse than yesterday, I decided the best plan would be to wrap up warm, go to the library and then to Fuel for coffee and smoothies.
Fuel used to be one of my favourite coffee shop/bars in Manchester when I was at university. I didn’t manage to go whilst I was last living in Manchester, I was just never around that part town. I now ask myself why I didn’t make use of my bus ticket when I was last living here, you really must make the most of the town you live in. Embrace, adventure and visit the places you love. I really enjoyed my time in Fuel today. The staff are always friendly and I spent my time there reading newspapers and enjoying a very good coffee and a mixed berry and pomegranate smoothie.
I didn’t buy any food in Fuel today, but if you happen to when you are in Manchester then make sure you try something, they put together some very tasty snacks.
Tonight I will be catching up on the blogs I have been following lately and playing on the Xbox. I hope my cold goes soon as I don’t want to be going on holiday feeling ill, has anyone got any tips to get healthy quickly ?
What did you do today ?