Me and My Hunter Wellington Booties

Over the weekend I was packing for my trip to Austria (via Manchester), I have a feeling I have packed too much as I had to ensure I had clothes for Manchester and also for the very cold weather in Austria. I shouldn’t have worried really, it’s very cold in Manchester and I am wearing all my big warm jumpers which were meant for Austria. 

One thing I have packed which I know I will get good use of is my Hunters, they are very heavy but are fantastic for walking in and of course good for the snow. I have the classic style in Navy blue, I have had them for quite some time and they come out every winter and of course during the festival season.

Some people just think they are just expensive wellies and I have often had people say ” Why not spend £7.00 on a pair of cheap wellies instead”. Those who spend £7.00 on wellies (when going to festivals) usually end up with wet feet, blisters and having to buy a new pair during the festival or lasting the whole time with sore feet. I am not saying this is always the case, this is just from what I have seen and I can honestly say I am always dry, comfy and happy in my Hunters. I am sure there are other makes of booties which are just as fab, but I have always worn Hunters and have never been let down. I wear mine out of festival season, maybe this is why I think it’s good to spend a little more on a pair of wellies.Coming from the rainy town of Huddersfield means that Hunters have been part of my life for years. I then moved to Manchester where they had a lot of use in the rainy city and now I am in the countryside in Suffolk which they are put to good use each day. They last such a long time and are very comfy to walk for miles in.

The only reason I am thinking of investing (yes, they are an investment) in a second pair is that I am a little on the short side and I feel the short Hunters will be quite useful for me. The classic ones stop just below my knees, so if I am doing things in the garden (which is rare) or out taking photos (this happens most days) then it can sometimes be a little awkward for lots of movement. I think the shorter variety may be handy when going out on photography adventures and climbing fences to snap photos of cows.

 Have any of you used the short style Hunters ? 
Do you find wellies useful or are you more of a city kid and find little use for them ?