My November 2011


Hello everyone, November has come and gone quite quickly, just like the other months of 2011. November has been all about being an intern (again), business plans, job/intern searching and other such things which bring in very little income but are so very vital. I am sure there are many of you in very similar situations, I wish you all lots of luck for finding jobs in December. 



I have ended November in Manchester, I have seen good friends, drank coffee in my favourite places and played Xbox games late into the night. I have also realised that as much as I love this city I know I made the right decision to move away, to have a fresh start and explore somewhere new. As many of you know, I am a big fan of change and have learnt to embrace it more as the years of my life fly by. 


November has also involved lots of walking by the sea, marching across fields in search of cows to photograph and enjoying layering up my outfits. I went to my first blogger arranged meet up in London, it was lots of fun and you can read more about it here

Blue Converse and pink tights


Here are some blogs I have been enjoying during November. Each photo is a taster from the blog which is sitting below it. As always I have been reading many more blogs than this, but these are just a few which stood out to me. 

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My aim for December is to be more focused on my current goals and to work harder on finalising some important decisions. I have also made an early resolution which involves me being more decisive. 

Did you all have a good November ? 
Do you have any nice plans or changes for December ?