Photographer : Rory Carnegie

I have taken three screenshots from the website of Rory Carnegie. His photography is something very special, I could spend hours analysing the photographs on his website as there are so many hidden words within each shot.  Please do go and have a look at his work, I also hope he wont mind me sharing these screenshots with you, I just wanted to be able to let you have a sneaky look at his work before clicking onto his website. I am looking at his asylum gallery at the moment, it really is one which I think everyone should see. I also reccomend looking at his Romania gallery, actually just go and have a browse of his website. Rory Carnegie gives you lots to think about when you look at his photographs, you come away from his website wanting to take photos of more than just cups of coffee and tea (I do that too much don’t I !?). 
Within my diary I had wrote Rory Carnegie and put a big colourful star by his name, I  had to quickly google him just now (before typing this post) and see why I had been so keen for myself to look him up. I am so very glad I did, though I am very tired and have to wake up early and can’t spend as much time as I would like reading about him and looking at his work. I will be sure to do some more research into him tomorrow. These two photographs actually just got me thinking of a photograph I took in Pairs, I am sure I have shared it on the blog with you before. The man in my photograph appears to be deep in thought, maybe even worried. I love to spend time analysing photographs, especially those moments captured of people who are unaware of you and your camera.