Mushrooms and brogues..

I did lot’s of different things today, it was a really lovely day but I didn’t get much from my to do list done. I am actually getting to work on my to do list now, yes I realise it’s nearly midnight but if I get a few things ticked off I will feel better.
I really enjoyed exploring some new areas after visiting a very pretty and very busy Christmas market in a local barn. I wasn’t really dressed for exploring though, I did mention that in my post this morning and it’s my own fault. I did however get a few shots of some mushrooms (you may remember I like mushrooms) and the surrounding area.
After my morning walk I went home for some homemade soup and then headed out again. I got some fantastic shots of some cows which I will be uploading to Flickr tonight. You may already notice some photos of cows on there but they are from Friday…the cows were much closer today and I had my other lens today. I am quite excited to share those with you, it will likely be tomorrow now…I don’t want to have too many photos in this post. 

I decided to wear red tights today, I was going to a Christmas market so I thought I would embrace the holiday season. I have worn my red tights a few times over the past few weeks, it’s okay though… I haven’t been wearing them with anything green. The run up to Christmas doesn’t start till December for me, so that’s when I will be fully in a festive mood. I am looking forward to going and buying myself a few Yankee Christmas tree and a cinnamon one candles, the latter doesn’t have to be Yankee so do let me know of any lovely cinnamon candles you use.

The brogues from this mornings post were very very comfy, they should also be waterproof which will be a nice change to having damp feet next time it rains. I think some mustard tights would go well against the brown of the shoe, maybe I will try that out tomorrow. I also need to track down tights which don’t fall down, it’s such a pain when you’re walking along and having to keep pulling them up every two seconds. The ones I buy from Accessorize always stay up but are very warm and not ideal for all year round. I may try out some of the other styles from Accessorize or maybe even somewhere new if anyone has any recommendations. 


What did you all do on this lovely Saturday ?