Topshop brogues and boots..

I am going to wear my Topshop brogues today, I got these a year or so back and have only worn them once or twice. They really need wearing in so they can soften up a little, I plan on making them nice and comfy today. Actually, I was thinking of going out and shooting some photos so I am not sure it will be the best idea, maybe I will pop my Converse in the car. 
I really like brogues at the moment and having got rid of my favourite Topshop booties has made me start to use my brogues more. I always used my booties as a go to shoe because they were so easy to match with outfits. They were starting to look a little tatty so have been put in the bin, never to be seen in my outfits again. I need to make sure I start wearing my other shoes more, I have so many that never get a chance to shine because I am in Converse or (was) in these Topshop booties.

prettygreentea shoes1

Goodbye favourite Topshop booties.