Boxing Day Walks.

Hello everyone, I have had a lovely day today and I hope you have. I have been walking on the beach, sorting our my room and just relaxing. I stopped and had a hot chocolate on the beach, it’s not something I usually order but it was an italian make and I thought it would make a nice change. I was right, it was yummy and that was from the beach hut cafe in Southwold, if you go you must try it. I sat watching everyone walking up and down the beach, there were so many people out today and nearly everyone had dogs.


I don’t do the sales, every now and then I will check the salesĀ onlineĀ but I don’t go out of my way to look. I may keep an eye out for any hats in the sale, I got a few from UO two years back as my sister was ordering some things from the website. I have since worn those two hats so much and they were more than half price, I should really go and have a look after this post.


Do you relax or hit the sales (unless you are working) on Boxing Day ?