How Do You Make Gluehwein?

I’ve made quite a few batches of gluehwein over the past few days. I started off using a baic recipe I found online but it was just too sweet for my liking, My dad and I played around with the recipe and have created something we both love. It’s very easy to make and as long as you have the few ingredients needed then you can have a batch of gluehwein / mulled wine ready in no time at all.
15 cloves – use to taste 
1 cinnamon stick
2 large oranges
2/3 spoonfuls of sugar – add to taste
1 cup of water
1 bottle of red wine
Stat by adding the sugar, water, cloves, star anise and cinnamon stick – bring to boiling point then turn the heat low
Slice one orange and pop it into the pan
Slice the second orange in half and squeeze it into the pan.
Mix the contents of the saucepan till it is thick – timing may vary on this part but don’t take your eyes off the pan
Add the bottle of red wine and mix.
Taste and add more sugar if you need to.
When the contents of the pan is steaming you can take it off the heat, then sieve into a jug.
If you are using a glass jug half boil the kettle and pop some cold water into the jug, then add the warm water from the kettle and swirl it round. Once you have done this (and removed the water form the jug) you can add the gluehwein. The reason for warming the glass jug is to prevent it from breaking when the gluehwein goes in.
This jug is from our first attempted where we just finished off a half bottle of wine, we then made the second batch. I really want to make one more batch whilst we enjoy the Christmas holidays. gluehwein/mulled wine is perfect for when you get in from a long walk in the crispy cold weather.