Free Advert Space..

Hello everyone !

You may have noticed some adverts on the right side of Prettygreentea, some are paid but most are free adverts. I am going to be approaching people each month ( 5 or 6 people ) who have an indie shop and offer them a free advert on Prettygreentea for one month. December has been a tester month and I asked bloggers and businesses (start ups/small companies) to contact me if they were interested in some free advertising space. I gave everyone who sent me their advert a space on my blog. I have decided I will only have about 5 people a month from now on but this number may change depending on how December goes. I will also consider bloggers because I think it’s just as important to raise awareness of fantastic blogs as well as businesses. I didn’t know about Caught Up in Cake till she approached me about free ad space and I am very happy I found her blog, it has quickly made my daily reads list.

This is Wired Jewellery, it’s run by the lovely Faye who I met at the Christmas blogger meet up in London. It’s nice to be able to put a face to the brand and that’s what gave me the idea to offer free ad space to small businesses. You can find Faye over on her twitter page.
I just had a thought, would it be interesting for you guys if I did a mini interview with the businesses/people that I want to sponsor with free ad space ? Let me know if this is something you would be interested in ! 
Why am I offering a free advert space to indie businesses ?

I am very interested in helping other businesses, promoting small companies and ensuring that start-ups get a good chance to shine. Offering businesses or even bloggers free advertising space on Prettygreentea means that they get the chance to be seen by a wide audience who are likely to be interested in their shop or service. I won’t be picking people who I don’t think suit the style and audience of my blog. I am open to suggestions via email I may even do a call out towards the end of the month on Twitter so keep your eyes open.

Check out what Little Nell has in her shop, I really like the Silver Hamsa Protection Pendant.
Charity ! 

I would also like to have a charity highlight each month, I am in the process of organising this and for the same reason as supporting small businesses I want to be able to support and raise awareness for smaller charities. I am open to suggestions on your favourite charities, it’s best to send me an email or leave a comment on this post. If you direct me towards charities you like then I can ensure I am finding out and sharing about charities which are close to not only me but also to you, my lovely readers. 
Paid advert space.

I offer low cost advert space for bloggers and businesses which I feel would interest my audience. If you are interested in this then I can email a list of stats and prices. I prefer to negotiate as opposed to having set prices…so if you let me know what you are interested in then we can work something out.


I just wanted to let you all know what is going on and keep you in the loop. I hope that you are ok with me offering free ad space to appropriate businesses/bloggers/services/charities. The purpose of this is to not only support indie businesses but to also guide you to lovely shops and blogs which I think you would be interested in. Please let me know how you feel about this.

I also hope you don’t mind the odd few paid sponsors which appear on my blog, at the moment it’s only one or two so hopefully you are all ok with that. Oh and so you know, any money that is made via my blog is generated back into Prettygreentea to make it even better for you and for me.