Review: Gwdihw (Goody Hoo)

As soon as I spotted Gwdihw (pronounced Goody Hoo) on MyPure I knew I had to try it. They have a wide collection of lip balm, night balm, muscle rub and many other varieties of balms to look after your skin. I have been testing out the Gwdihw Vanilla Smoochy Lip Blam, this lip balm smells like cupcakes and glides onto your lips very smoothly. I was a bit worried at first as my skin doesn’t always to well with things that smell delightful, I was very pleased when I first used this and realised that it was going to give me no nasty reactions. I was also pleased to find that it works so very well, my lips have been soft and any dryness quickly goes away once using this lip balm. 
Price: £4.49 – You get 25g of product in the tin, it’s handy to pop in your bag and does a very good job. I am really pleased with this lip balm and am keen to try more of the Gwdihw range. I think if you have sensitive skin but still like to use nice smelling products that do a good job then you should give this lip balm a try, you wont be let down and although the price is a little more than the average lip balm I believe it’s worth it. 
I am going to order a few things from Mypure tonight, I need to start my Christmas shopping as I had forgotten all about it untill yesterday. I think I will be buying a few products from the Gwdihw range as they make nice extra gifts for friends and there is also some fab gift sets for around £11.99 which I am thinking of getting for someone.