What I wore : Cold Sunday in England..

Today was very cold, you would think after a week in very cold weather I would be fully prepared for the English weather. Clearly not, I didn’t even have my gloves with me so had to keep my hands in my pocket alongside my phone and lens cap. I didn’t have much time to fuss about posing because I was very cold and it was also very windy. I was hoping to show you my skirt in the photo but the wind has managed to make that impossible. I quickly did my coat up and took my hat off due to the wind and dashed back to the car as we were going to go in search of a Christmas tree.
I really want to get into the habit of taking outfit photos, I promise next time I will brush my hair, sort my coat out and take off my many bags. It would be more flattering for me to have spent some time sorting out my coat but it was cold, next time…I promise. At least you get to see what I actually looked like at the moment in time and to be honest I usually have a bag and my camera bag with me so it’s quite an accurate representation.
H&M Coat
UO Hat
Rocket Dog Boots
Accessorize Tights
Kipling Bag
I spent the rest of the afternoon sipping G&T unpacking and writing lists for some plans I have. Now that I am back from Austria I need to get back into the routine of running, I decided I wouldn’t start today as I still haven’t had much sleep ( since Friday ) but I am hoping to start tomorrow. I need to reload my iPod with running music, has anyone got any tips ? I am also fully back into the less dairy way of life, I have had herbal tea all day, I am craving a good cup of PG Tips with milk though.xx