Ash Shoes

Whilst I was in Austria I spotted Ash shoes, I always see them around Europe on my travels and remember first spotting them in Rome a few years back. I can remember quite clearly thinking that Converse had released a style with buckles, but I was wrong as these were by Ash. I was tempted to buy them back then and have eyed them up whilst on my travels over the past few years but never actually made a purchase of Ash shoes.

I have now seen them on Spartoo and am even more tempted by them as I wont be spending a chunk of holiday money on them. Spartoo have such a fantastic range of shoes and many unique makes, I spend quite some time browsing the brands and looking for shoes you don’t see everyone wearing. I like the Ash trainer style as they remind me of Converse, I think with black skinny jeans they would look really good, very simple yet the detail of the buckles would really make them stand out. I also think that wearing them with a dress or pretty skirt would work well as they would add a rock style finish to the outfit.

The boots look fantastic, very much a rock style which could be paired with a painfully pretty dress to make have a more edgy feel. I really like the boots but I am a bit unsure about them for me because they are quite chunky. I haven’t seen them in real life and don’t want to end up buying something which I wont wear. If any of you have the boots then do let me know, I would love to see how you wear them.

1 – Ash Virgin Taupe   2 – Ash Virgin Black  3 – Ash Saphir Black  4 – Ash Trash Camel
 5 – Ash Vibration Black

I am thinking of getting myself the Vibration Black Ash trainers, they look like they will spice up a plain outfit. Though I would also like to get the Virgin Taupe style as they were the first ones I spotted in Rome and would go with lots of different outfits. What do you think ?

Have any of you got any Ash shoes, what are your thoughts on them ?