My New Penpal

My dear friend Vicky from my university days sent me this parcel of treats, it arrived a few weeks before I went away but I have only just had chance to share it with you now. She really spoiled me and always buys fantastic gifts. We are going to continue writing and being pen pals, it’s a nice way to keep in contact with someone. Vicky lives in Manchester and I now live in Suffolk, keeping in contact via writing letters is going to be fun. I already have a few letter friends as you already know, so adding someone else to my list is exciting. I also went for a meal with Vicky when I was back in Manchester, it was lovely to catch up in person and I am now looking forward to sending her a letter and some little treats in the post. 
It’s a good idea to write to friends who move away or maybe you are the own who has moved away. It’s a more personal way of keeping in contact and lets you share small easy to post gifts and snippets of your life without the use of technology. I love the internet so much but like to make sure that I also use traditional forms of communication as it’s a little more fun and unique these days. It makes you put more effort in and to be able to personalise a letter and practice your handwriting skills is always a good thing. 
Do you have a penpal ?