Lush Lip Tint Review and Gift Idea..

Stocking filler alert
I am sure that lots of you will be popping out to get last minute bits tomorrow. This is a quick last minute tip for those of you who need to add something extra to someones present or maybe you have forgotten to get a token gift for someone who may be popping round for a drink and mince pie. 
I was lucky to have the opportunity to try out two of the Lush lip tints from a gift bag I received from Lush at the Christmas blogger meet up. I am pleased to say that neither of these have affected my tips, I did worry that the Chilli lip tint may make my lips sore but all was ok. The Celebrate lip tint smells lovely and is a nice light shade that you can build up by putting more than one layer on. I only put one or two layers of the Celebrate lip tint on, I like that it is quite subtle but also that I could add a little more if I was to go out in the evening. 
The lip tints are £4.75 for a 10g tin, I think this is a nice price to spend on getting a friend a small gift. I hope to buy more of the lip tint shades when I am next in a town that sells them, I think the nearest town to me with a Lush store is Norwich. 
This Chilli tint is a much stronger colour and you can really feel a little zing on your lips when you put it on. Some people use raw chilli on their lips to make them appear bigger so I think that works in a similar way but maybe not as extreme as rubbing raw chilli on your lips.