Oxfam Unwrapped: Explanation

I just found this fab video explaining Oxfan Unwrapped, it’s a very short video and explains the concept very well. Oxfam gives you the opportunity to give a unique gift to someone by buying a special gift which will be sent to somewhere in the world where it is really needed.   

I wish I had shared this with you before, I have sent out links on my Twitter page but didn’t get round to writing about Oxfam Unwrapped on my blog. I always think that as Oxfam Unwrapped is run by such a big charity you will all know about it, but I have realised that is not the case. It may be short notice but you can buy these gifts online so it makes the whole process very easy. I always try to incorporate an Oxfam Unwrapped gift into my Christmas gifts or throughout the year for a friend or family members birthday. My dad’s birthday is in January and I will be getting him something from Oxfam Unwrapped. It’s nice to be able to help people who really need something extra in their lives and to be able to pick whereabouts the money will be directed to is nice. 
I first heard about Oxfam Unwrapped a few years back, my mum gave me a llama or it may have been an alpaca. So someone somewhere in the world was blessed with a llama or alpaca, I hope they are still enjoying and benefitting from it.. I do love llamas .