Rocket Dog Booties

These are my Rocket Dog boots, they are a lovely chocolate brown colour and go well with all my autumn clothes. I have been wearing them everyday since they arrived at my front door and I am already thinking about getting a second pair. They will be sure to keep my feet and legs warm during my trip to Austria, they have done a good job at keeping me nice and toasty during my week in Manchester. I am already thinking of getting a second pair from Spartoo.

I mentioned that I am thinking of getting a second pair of Rocket Dog boots, I am actually in two minds about going for the same style or maybe trying out something new. I am really into some of their summer shoes, these platforms are really pretty and I am tempted to get them for summer. I am not sharing a photograph because I don’t think that would be kind to myself or others who are in the middle of weather which would not go well with platform shoes. I am however showing you these Rocket Dog Rope Up boots. They are made up of lovely brown shades and I can imagine myself skipping through leaves and keeping my toes lovely and cosy. They really look perfect for wearing with dresses and short skirts with a chunky pair of tights. As I type I am convincing myself to go and buy these practical boots.

If I was to go for the same style of boots I already have I would get a black pair, they would go with everything and look good with colourful tights. Sometimes I like to wear an all black outfit and then chuck in a pop of colour with some funky red tights.