Collection 2000 Top Coat

You may remember I had the Collection 2000 Base Coat and was quite happy with the results. I am still using that base coat but it’s slowly running out so I will have to buy another one, I am going to try something different – not because I didn’t like it, but because I like to try new things and I can get bored easily.

I decided whilst looking at base coats to finally buy a top coat. I have been meaning to buy a top coat for months and I picked one up for around £2.50 from Collection 2000. I thought as the base coat had been good I would give the top coat a try. I have had it on for a few days now and all is going well, my nail varnish hasn’t started looking tired yet and yes I am noticing an extra gloss to my nail polish but nothing too exciting.

So far I am very pleased with the results, for such a cheap price this Collection 2000 top coat is doing it’s job very well. If you are looking for a cheap but good top coat then I suggest you try this out.

If anyone has a base coat recommendations then please let me know.