How to keep calm when flying.


A cat is a very relaxing creature, they really look after themselves and try not to get too stressed out. The day of a cat involves taking naps, eating, going on a small adventure and then taking another nap. They don’t over do it and make sure they enjoy each day. They also make sure they don’t worry about anything too much, yes they got hair all over the chair, but oh well, they will happily jump up and have another nap on the chair.

Why am I thinking of how chilled out cats are ?
I am not the biggest fan of flying, I don’t really like take off but once I am up in the air all is a little better. I would like to have the mentality of a cat or the ability that cats have to sleep in any situation. This would mean that I could have a nap just before the plane sets off, wake up when food is served and then nap once again till we land. I think that would be the perfect flight. However, as I am sure you know I don’t find it easy to sleep and usually find myself awake for a long time when I am travelling. 

Travelling is part of my life, there are many places I want to see and that means I can’t let flying hold me back. There are ways to avoid the nervous feelings that flying can bring, you just need to work out what is best for you. Here are some tips on how I cope:

 1 – I always make sure I have a good book to read on the plane. When the flight is about to take off I make sure I am focusing on one of the words in the book. I don’t read it but I focus on this word till the plane is in the air, once I feel my body relax I let myself finish the sentence and try to continue reading. 

2 – Make use of the booklets on flight – There is usually a magazine of some such with snacks, duty free and a list of other things to buy. Flicking through this and discussing with someone you are with what you may buy or would like to buy can pass the time of take off very quickly. It helps you to focus on something other than the plane taking off and usually brings up funny situations as there is bound to be some very random products in the magazine. 

3 – Enjoy yourself in the airport – Save buying your magazine till you get to the airport, enjoy a pre flight drink and chat with your friends about the awesome time you will have at the destination you are going to. I tend to have a green tea before a flight, I find it helps to keep me calm and settle me down. 
These are just a few things which I do to try and keep calm during take off, they work for me and maybe they will work for you or at least give you some ideas. I have also compiled a list of things I keep with me when I am on a plane. The list is just of things to keep me entertained, I always have other bits and bobs such as make up but I don’t think I need to go into that here. If you are interested in what else I take on a flight then just leave me a message below.

Things I always take on a flight:

Nintendo DS
Notebook and pen 
A pack of playing cards.

What do you do to keep calm when flying?