Sipping Coffee And Sharing Cake

I think it’s good to spend time sipping coffee and sharing a cake with good friends. It gives you a chance to treat yourself and spend time enjoying each others news. I always make a big effort to see friends I haven’t seen in a long time, I didn’t manage to meet my friend Helen whilst I was in Manchester and am hoping to catch her on my way back. If you don’t make an effort to meet up with friends then it can mean you loose touch with them as time goes by.


Some people seem to think that Facebook is the best way to keep up to date with friends, I agree it is a very useful networking site but I think you have to make plans and see people IRL to really catch up. I am a huge fan of social media but it annoys me when people focus on it so much that they become too lazy to enjoy meeting up with each other and arranging social gatherings.


Facebook only tells part of the story and my blog only tells you part of my life. I use many forms of social media and as a blogger I share photographs from my life, but there is of course many things I don’t put onto the blog. It is the same for Facebook and Google+, people will upload and share information on what they want others to know. However, when catching up with a friend over coffee you will find out more about their new job and maybe even give each other some motivation and handy tips which may not have crossed their mind before. It gives you the chance to discuss and help each other and to stop hiding behind a computer for just a few minutes. I am not dissing the internet guys, you know very well I love the internet.