What I wore: Primark Ring

Ring : Primark, Top: Vintage
I wore this Primark ring on Friday 2nd December in Manchester, it was a very chilly day and I had my vintage wool jumper on over a dress. This Primark ring was about £2.00, it’s one of the small collection of things I have from Primark (apart from PJs) and it is actually very good quality and hasn’t turned me green…yet. I have had jewellery from UO which has turned me green within a matter of weeks so I am always careful when buying jewellery. I think I would cope if this £2.00 ring does turn me green, for now I will enjoy wearing it.

I am in Austria as you are reading this, It is likely I will be updating Twitter so you can pop over there to see if I have had anything interesting to say.

How is everyone ?