365 Day Photo Challenge 2012

Hello everyone ! 
Did you all have a lovely Tuesday ?

I was in work all day and then spent the evening doing some editing and reading. I am really tired tonight so will be going to bed with a book and hopefully fall asleep quite quickly. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing the 365 day photo challenge this year. I did it last year on my personal Facebook page and didn’t manage to finish the year due to moving a few times and many other rubbish excuses. I decided that I would do the project on my Facebook page this year so that I could share it with other people and it also gives me the opportunity to connect with those of you who are also doing it. I am already following some of you who are doing it – Urban Butterfy  ! I would love to find out if anyone else is doing it – leave me a comment letting me know if you are
 I know that lots of people are taking part via Instagram this year which seems like an easy way to do it.  I decided I wouldn’t do mine via Instagram as I am always sharing lots of photographs on it and like to have the project separate. I like being able to have my photo project in one place so that I can easily go back to it at the end of the year to get all the photographs printed and not get other photographs mixed up with it. I am one of those people who likes to separate my tube of Smarties into colour order before eating them, I think having photographs in correct folders links back to this…in some way. I also think that’s why I like Google+, you can keep everything separate and organised without getting into any sticky situations.  Yes…I did just pimp Google+ once more and you can find me enjoying it even more here.