My Month in Blogs : December 2011

Hello everyone ! Did you all have a lovely Monday ? I think that Monday is a really motivating day for me, it’s the start of a fresh week full of excitement and opportunity, the week is going to be what you make of it.

I know it’s a little late but this is my monthly round up for December. If you have a look to the left of my website you will see that I have already started adding some fab blogs I have found over the past week. I hope you enjoy the collection of blogs I did during December. I of course read many more, but I like to just share ones which are new to me or ones which particularly stood out during the month.

Healthiful Balance 


Cupcake Couture

Sunshine and Carousels

My Beautiful Disaster 

Behind The Bijoux

Nails and Noms 

Peas and Crayons

Food Coma

Who The Fuck is Mick Jagger


I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I did and if you have any ideas for blogs I should look at then do tell me ! I enjoy reading all kinds of blogs, I have so many on my Bloglovin list ( too many maybe ) which cover fashion, beauty, humor, photography and lifestyle. I think Bloglovin is such a handy way of keeping track of blogs, I always head there when I am ready to spend some time catching up posts from the day. I don’t really use the Google app as I don’t think it’s a smooth to use as Bloglovin, I do follow blogs via it if they don’t have Bloglovin.

Do you use Bloglovin to follow blogs ?