Best Mountain : Cerada booties..

Today I am sharing with you my new shoes, I will be styling them over the weekend and shall share photos on Sunday. I am really excited to give these shoes their first outing, they are something I wouldn’t normally pick but would admire on others. When these shoes arrived the other day I knew they were going to go perfectly with dresses and colourful tights. 
prettygreentea shoes
I have been needing to add some ankle boots to my shoe collection and am hoping I will get to wear these lots. I am not someone who usually wears a heel during the day but have been trying to cut down on Converse and I think these Best Mountain boots will be a nice way to introduce a heel into my day.  I  think that it’s likely I will be wearing them more towards the summer and on the odd dry day that we get at the moment, I will however keep you informed on how they cope in the rain. 

These boots make me think of being on a safari, not that you would be wearing a heel like this but more the colour and shape at the front of the shoe. The fact that they made me think of a safari when I looked at them was the reason I picked them. I watched a film called Two Bothers  a long time ago and fell in love with it, I had forgotten all about it till I spotted these shoes and it really took me back to that film. I can’t quite explain it to be honest. Maybe I will watch the film again and be able to find the words to explain my feelings towards that film and also towards these shoes. I’m not crazy ! 


The heel of these Best Mountain boots feels just about right to pop into town and be about my day without my feet aching on my return home. I usually go walking for hours which is why I stick to Converse, but on the days I don’t go to the beach or on an adventure I intend to wear heels.
Do you wear heels during the day or for long hours ?


I hope you have all had a fab week and have something fun or relaxing planned for the weekend.