Chash Tea 25% Off Promo Code: Prettygreentea

Good morning everyone ! 
I just wanted to remind you that the lovely Dan over at Chash Tea has a fantastic offer for you all. This offer is exclusive to Prettygreentea readers and will be lasting till the end of the month. 
Dan is offering 25% off black, white and ayurvedic blends ( loose and bagged ). I really recommend the Malawi White and if you click on the name you can read my review on it. I know lots of you who find your way to my blog drink tea so I thought a promotion code for beautiful tea would go down well.
prettygreentea chashtea
This is a really fab offer and you may have seen my posts on Chash tea, I am very impressed and have returned to the website to bu things several times. I purchased a bag of loose tea and tea bags at the beginning of the month (you can read about it here) and am still really enjoying them as well as already eyeing up some new tea to try. I do hope this offer interests some of you, a promotion code is always helpful and especially for 25% off !

Think of it as a thank you from me and an introduction to Chash Tea. 

I want to say thanks in each and every post I write but I think some of you would get a little bored. I really appreciate all the comments on my blog, talking to you all on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s really fun to be able to share things together over so many social networks and really get to know so many people who have similar interests as me.

 Thanks for sticking with me, I love you all.