What I Wore: Sunday – 22/01/12 – New Ankle Boots..

Hello everyone, I have lots to tell you about this weekend. I went to London on Saturday to the David Hockney exhibition, but I will tell you more about that tomorrow. Today I want to share with you my outfit, especially my shoes.

Today I went for a walk ( two walks and then one run actually ) down to Southwold Pier. It was quite a windy day and luckily I put my Topshop mac on over my outfit which stopped my skirt flying all over the place.  We all had an ice cream on the pier and went walking a little more, ice cream is one of my favourite things. The sun was shining whilst we were on our walk so I was able to forgive the wind for being so dramatic.


I decided to take a few photographs of my outfit when I got home, I should have really done them at the beach but I thought it may have been too windy. I have been using this Topshop bag for most of the week, it is very handy to use as it contains quite a few pockets. The only downside to this bag ( apart from it being a little old ) is that it gets heavy really quickly. I usually have a notebook and my diary with me but because the bottom of the bag isn’t stiff it makes all the weight go to the middle and really pull down on my shoulder. I then have my camera bag wrapped around me too which means I carry even more than just one heavy bag.


Today was the first outing for my new shoes, they joined me on one of my two walks today but not when I went running… obviously. They were very comfy and I didn’t twist my ankle in them which is always a bouns. I think I may need to wear a pair of socks with them next time because they were a tiny bit loose on my heel. I wore my favourite skirt from Gap with my new shoes, the skirt has lovely little birds all over it and is one of my favourite pieces at the moment. This photo shows how much the wind was blowing my skirt around. 


I felt the perfect height in these ankle boots, it was nice to have a little extra height for a change. I think the colour of these boots are really fab, it’s not the usual colour I would go for but they are going to be really easy to match up with other outfits. I like how they look with the purple tights I am wearing, I think they will go nicely with other colourful tights and maybe even skin coloured tights in the summer (if I am feeling brave). I also want to try wearing them with some funky socks over a pair of black tights or maybe a pair of frilly socks to give them a cute girly look.


I would like to try more from the Best Mountain range, they have some very lovely cowboy boots in red which I think will look delightful with pretty dresses in the summer. I know it might be cheesy but I would wear the red cowboy boots with a white frilly dress, I really think I need them in my life.


I was so busy taking photographs of my new shoes that I forgot to get a proper shot of the top half of my outfit. I wore a pink gap T-shirt with my grey New Look cardigan to keep me extra warm under my coat. I had to go for a hat which wasn’t going to fly off my head in the windy weather today, this one is from H&M about a year back and goes well with all the different scarves I have. The snood was a good old Primark buy for about £2.00 at some point back in October 2011.


What I wore: Cardigan: New Look, T-shirt and skirt: Gap, Bag: Topshop, Shoes: c/o Spartoo. The bird on my scarf was a gift from my auntie the other year, it was from Nexus in Manchester.

What did you do this weekend ?