Ring Storage

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a fab Monday !

A while back I shared some photos of rings I have and was asked by a reader to show how I store my rings. I have scooted back over my posts and can’t seem to find who asked this but if I find out I shall edit their name into this post.


I thought that sharing how I store my rings would be a good idea because I don’t have a big collection and have only just been given something pretty to store them on. I got this ring holder for Christmas, it was for sale in a local shop which was closing down. My dad spotted it first and asked if I wanted it and then added that he was sick of finding my rings sitting about the house. I of course said yes and have been using it ever since, there is still a few more rings which I have but are knocking about in bags and on shelves so you can’t seem them here. 
I adore the idea of wearing rings, I try to keep them on for as long as I can but that never lasts all day. I usually ending putting them into a zip pocket within my bag or placing them nicely down near the piano. I would love to be able to be someone who keeps their rings on all day but that’s not my style. I would never want a very expensive ring either, I wouldn’t wear it…even an engagement ring.. and would never want someone to pick a ring for me as I am just too fussy. 
Ebay is a fab place to find rings, I have ordered quite a few for just a few pounds from various sellers. I also like to visit shops on Etsy and Bigcartel for more unique jewellery and to support independent sellers. You could visit the follow shops if you are looking for unique rings:
I only buy jewellery from places like Topshop, UO and other similar stores when it’s in the sale. I really don’t think their jewellery is worth paying full price for because I usually find that it turns me green or it breaks very easily. The ring in the photo below was a few pounds in the Topshop sale and is turning a different colour now but I still quite like it and it’s comfortable to wear so it’s staying in my mini collection. 
The round chalkboard ring below is from Wired Jewellery and is one of my favourite rings. It’s fun to have something you can draw onto to make it more unique. The ring below is from Primark quite a while back but they always have fun bits of jewellery in stock. 
This funny little ring was one my mum picked up from her travels and is comfortable to wear. I sometimes wear this when I no I don’t have to take coats or jumpers off because otherwise it usually gets stuck. It looks fun with a simple evening dress and isn’t usually what people are expecting to see. 
I think that finding jewellery which is eye catching is always a good way to go, if it’s going to be a talking point then that is a good thing especially if it is very colourful. It’s fun to wear interesting things to add something special to your outfit or change that Topshop dress that everyone is wearing into something more unique.

I watched a video by Nia today who talks more about layering jewellery and it may come in handy to some of you, I really enjoyed it. 

Do you have any favorite places to buy rings and necklaces ?
Do you wear rings ?