How I find motivation to go running..

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have been trying really hard with exercise over the past week. You may remember I said I was going to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, I have been doing that and much more. I have been running twice a day for 30 – 40 minutes each time and then follow it up with some sit-ups in the evening.
I almost didn’t go for my second run this evening but I added a few cheesy songs to my iPod and put my running clothes on and was good to go. My plan was to just run for 10 minutes but I did my full 30 minutes and ended up running further than I had during my morning run. Once you get out into the fresh air it really gives you time to think and embrace keeping fit and healthy.
One of my bad habits when it comes to running is (was) that I put my Converse on and dash out the front door. Running in Converse is no good and have been told many times by various PT’s. It’s also very bad that I still wear them from time tot time when I have other alternatives, there is really no excuse. I spent the first few days running in Converse and realise my legs were really hurting and once I started running with my running shoes I really had no problems at all and it also made running much easier. 
Running is not my favourite sport, some people really enjoy it and are good at it but not me. I love to swim, play squash, badminton and I really enjoy the cross trainer at the gym but running has never been my strong point. I have made a big effort to embrace running as it’s an easy sport to work into your daily life especially as you can do it for free. If you want to take up a sport or add exercise into your life then you must make sure you enjoy it, can learn to enjoy it or have easy access to it. I think having to jump in the car to drive to a gym can be off putting but stepping outside your front door is so easy and there are very few excuses to stop you from leaving for a jog.
I started running when we had a running machine a few years back and also used it at the various gyms I have belonged to. I no longer have a running machine and I don’t have a gym membership so I really make use of running outside for the first time ever. I think I am lucky to live near the sea and the countryside, it means I have lots of scope to enjoy running in pretty areas. If I was in Manchester I wouldn’t be one of these people jogging through the city. I like to be alone and not pass too many people so for now this works best for me, if I was in the city I think I would join a gym. 
So far I am on track with trying to loose weight and tone up, I am enjoying my exercise routine and when I feel I am getting bored I change the route of my run. I think I will have to start doing an indoor work out because I hear snow might be coming our way, I have a few exercise videos and have been to enough classes to be able to put a little lesson plan together for myself.
I really do believe that once exercise is part of your routine then it turns into a habit and you will miss it being in your life if you stop. 
Do you go running ?

Do you like sport and keeping fit ?

Would you be interested to know what I listen to when I run ? – Warning.. it’s cheesy !