Kipling bags have lots of pockets !!

I was delighted to find out that not only does Spartoo sell shoes they also sell bags and a delightfully big collection of bags too. I wanted to see if the stocked one of my favourite makes of everyday bags which is Kipling and was so pleased to see that they do. 
 I am a big fan of Kipling bags, my whole family is actually. I have a few which I always use when I am travelling or going to festivals because they have so many pockets and are really easy to keep clean. The one I have can fit my camera in and has also been used for my university days, trips away and of course travelling. I like that you can pop them into the washing machine and have them clean after a long week in the Glastonbury mud. 
I am actually looking for a smaller size Kipling bag to use when I am going to the airport and on day trips alongside another bag. I find that when I use bigger bags I can sometimes find myself spending ages looking for things right at the bottom of my handbag, they just seem to hide. Kipling bags are full of pockets and zips to keep everything safe and also to keep things in order. 
There are some fab discounts over at Spartoo on shoes, bags and other accessories. I really want to make sure I treat myself to a new Kipling bag while their sale is on. I haven’t decided which style I need but I think that the HUBEI would be a fab shape and size to keep things organised and at each reach when travelling. The HUBEI is also bright purple which I think is fantastic and as it’s one of my favourite colours it will go with many outfits. Kipling always have very practical colours but whenever I have been looking at their new collections each year there is always a small selection of brightly coloured bags jumping out at me when I least expect it. I think that Kipling really makes an effort to only be very practical but to also offer fun and excitement to their buyers.
Oh I should mention that the bag above was from Tkmaxx a few years back and is still in fab condition.  
Do you have any Kipling bags ?