Exciting Blogs I Found in January

Oh my, we have arrived at the start of February already and I am totally ready for it. I have a feeling that this month is going to bring about lots of exciting changes and projects. As always I will be starting the month off with a list of my favourite blogs from January. I read many more than I will be sharing here and I have my all time favourites but the point of this list ( which is on the left side of my blog ) is to add new blogs I come across during the month. I hope you enjoy this post and why not share some of your favourite blogs with me. 
Learn This Phrase 
Books, fashion, travel and much more this lovely blog by Blair will have something to suit everyone. 
The Midwest Muse
Delightfully colourful outfits, handy DIY posts and I am sure you will notice the wide variety of tights this lovely girl has. 
A blog with lovely outfit posts and each post is always unique and this pretty girl is not scared of trying out different styles. 
A really fab mix of beauty, fashion and inspiration posts. Oh….and if you look closely you will spot one of the most pretty bikes I have ever seen. 
This blog is full of pretty outfit posts, lots of inspiration and has a very pretty layout. 
Pretty outfits, fun photos and lots and lots of yummy food shots…what more could you want !
This blog focuses on linocuts – It has guides on what to use, tips, linocuts from Nick (the man behind the blog) and from others around the world. There is also lots more about exhibitions and courses. Nick has an Etsy shop too which is worth checking out.
Karllyn explains recipes in such an easy way, filled with fab photography and she is always sharing something new and exciting. Everything on this blog looks yummy and this is where I got my amazing buttercream recipe from for the last cake I made. There is also lots of garden based adventures for you to read about too.
A mix of food, outfit posts, inspiration and much more. This blog is very pretty and filled with beautiful photos.
Amazing photographs, travel, outfit posts and lots more is what you will find at this beautiful blog. I could spend hours flicking through the lovely pictures and I think you will like it too. 
A really wide variety of posts with lots of travel, fashion and food to make you smile.
I hope there is something for everyone within the blogs I have shared, there really is a nice mix of fashion, travel, photography and other exciting topics. Let me know what you think