New Pukka tea and Nespresso coffee

Hello lovely readers, how are you all ?! 
I posted a video on Twitter about my new tea and coffee, I did try to input it within this post but it didn’t work. You can find the link to the video here. When I had a break from editing today I popped down to Calendula  to pick up some emergency green tea. I was delighted to see there was an offer on to buy three boxes of Pukka tea and get a mug free. I of course took full advantage of the offer and got myself the green tea I had gone in for, the yummy night time tea and a new one to me which is the three tulsi tea. My skin has gone really bad again which I think could be to do with over doing the dairy products, I haven’t has any cheese but have been drinking lots of milk within coffee and tea. I am hoping that adding to my selection of herbal teas will encourage me to drink less coffee and less tea with milk. I wont be cutting it out totally but just cutting down. 
I was also once told that caffeine can trigger skin irritation and as I have been having so much of it this could also be the problem and not the dairy. I won’t be taking any risks however and have stocked up on tea and soya milk. 

So after telling you that caffeine could increase eczema problems and skin irritation I am going to show you the lovely delivery of coffee we got today. We now have a Nespresso machine and the Gaggia 14101 is getting ready to go on ebay. We ordered a fab selection of coffee form the Nespresso website and I had a cup right away and it was just so perfect. We have all been very pleased with the Nespresso and If you are looking for a coffee machine this one is perfect.
 I drank herbal tea for the rest of of course. 


My day was all about coffee, tea, editing and going for my two runs. My afternoon run went much better than the morning run as I found myself running for much longer without needing to stop for a little break. I think I may have to update my iPod again with some fun music, if you have anything to suggest then let me know !

What did you do today ?

Did you all have a lovely day ?