Pinterest and/or Tumblr..

  • Pinterest is an online scrapbook.
  • Separate boards to ensure you can quickly scan through the relevant images you need.
  • View other peoples pins for inspiration and save them to your own boards. 

Hello everyone I was thinking about how much I am enjoying Pinterest at the moment and thought it would be good to share with you why I think it’s a fantastic tool. I have heard people compare it to Tumblr and other image sharing programmes but I really don’t think they are the same. I think that Tumblr is a Blogging platform and Pinterest is a mood board / scrapbook facility. There is always a link back to the original page with Pinterest which I find very handy. I always link back to an original page with Tumblr, unless I am sharing my own photographs but I know many people don’t do this. 
I used to like making mood boards whilst I was in school, I only did textiles for two years but form then on I always used them. I would be making mood boards for all other subjects especially during my business degree and it really helped me with motivation and inspiration. I like to share images via Tumblr but don’t find it easy to go back to a certain one without lots of searching. With Pinterest everything is organised into ‘boards’, you name your boards and then put the images and videos into their right section so you can easily navigate back to them. 
I have a folder for fashion inspiration for 2012, so when I am unsure what to wear or need a little motivation I will go and see what I have saved within that board. I want to make a board to save DIY posts from blogs, I sometimes favourite them but they have got lost within so many other saved pages. Having a board to save DIY posts from peoples blogs will encourage me to actually be more proactive in  completing some DIY tasks this year. 
I think having Tumblr for a blogging project and using Pinterest for your inspiration mood boards is ideal, there is room for both these fantastic tools in life and in my opinion they are both very different. I am going to set to work on my DIY board so I shall say goodbye now, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I have lots of editing, ready and maybe even 
If you are on either of these then please leave me the links so I can come and find you !