1950’s Inspiration from Prada’s S/S 2012 Ad Campaign..

I am sure you have all seen this ad campaign floating around on blogs over the past week or so and I am very sorry if that is the case. I really wanted to included the Spring / Summer 2012 Prada campaign on my blog because it screams 1950s which is an era I really love. One of my all time favourite posts I have done looked at America in the 1950’s and you can have a look at it here and you may also enjoy this post about ForLuna.
The advert is packed full of colour, fun prints, delicate pleats and boxy bags. It’s really beautiful and I am now on the hunt for pastel green/pink shades and dresses with lots of pleats and to fill my clothes rail with. I did a little research and decided to try out StyleCompare and found it very handy indeed. I had heard lots of people on Youtube talking about it and thought it would make my research easier and I am pleased to say it did. 
1950s inspiration
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Do you like 50’s style ?
What will you be incorporating into your S/S 2012 outfits ?