Wearing Converse in Winter


I’ve put my Rocket Dog boots to one side and have been wearing my Converse more often. I thought the weather was getting a little warmer but as usual, I was wrong.

I’m currently up north visiting friends at the moment and have become quite aware that it’s really not the weather for Converse yet. My poor feet have been like little ice cubes over the last few days, even layering a few pairs of socks over my tights hasn’t quite done the trick.

I am heading home tomorrow so I think I will be dragging out my Rocket Dog boots and my good old Hunters (with the warmers of course) to keep warm and dry. I do have my eye on some rain-proof Converse though. Well, they aren’t 100% rainproof but they’re better than the summer canvas pumps. Check them out below. I’ve heard Vans have some good options too.

I have a long train journey back tomorrow (when don’t I), so I’ll┬ábe reading and doing some editing on the train. I really like a long train journey as it gives you time to think, work and relax.

Speaking of trains, I would really like to go on the Trans Siberian Express. I am starting to drift off into a daydream about travel and have stopped talking about Converse. I think it’s time to say goodbye and speak to you all tomorrow.