My Day : Sunday Feb 5th

On Saturday evening I fell asleep listening to a small snow storm outside. I woke up to lots of snow on Sunday morning and couldn’t have been happier. The sky was an unusual grey shade which as you can see from the photo below looked quite fantastic against the grey sea. The three shades of grey in the distance really made me feel like I was standing within a painting especially with the brilliant white floor. 
There is something very special about the beach in the snow. I love how it feels like you are walking on icy rocks when really it’s just the frozen sand. The snow had pulled many people towards the beach, it was lucky that grit had been put out the night before so the promenade was safe to walk on.
The smallest things stand out against the brilliant white snow and you can really notice the colourful things that we sometimes don’t notice in everyday life. There is so much colour around us and we must take time to notice it, it’s easy to let things go unnoticed when we are always so busy. I like to spend time analysing photographs and taking in the beautiful colours within our lives and then try to incorporate these into my outfits. I like to wear red in the snow and will share some outfit photos with you tomorrow.
The only downside to the snow (for me) is that I haven’t been able to go running. I have done some exercise at home but it doesn’t feel the same as running outside in the fresh air. I also find that all I want to do in the evening is snuggle up with tasty food, warm drinks and watch the snow fall. However, I have managed to avoid eating heavy foods in the evening by having lots of fruit and many cups of winter spice tea. I have of course had a sneaky crumpet or two with marmite on but have managed to replace having bread at lunch time with having couscous. I have also been having porridge for breakfast with banana and (when the snow was falling) a tiny dot of Nutella to mix in. This all doesn’t stop the fact that I am craving warm chocolate brownies
Has anyone got any tasty but healthy recommendations for food to have in the cold weather ?  
Snow from 2009 and some more here
I just adore taking photos of the snowI would love to see if any of you have taken photos this year or last year in the snow
The photograph below is one of my favourites from this set and is also one of my top five views in Southwold. Do you have a favourite view of where you live ?
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have started the new week off well.